Thursday, October 21, 2010

Takers - Anyone ??

Semalam aku dapat email invitation dari nuffnang. Tengok header tajuk jer dah rasa eksersais eksaited. Hahaha.. Invitation to Nuffnang Premiere Screening - Takers.

Maka aku pun klik kat email tu.. Aisehhh.. Trus rasa kurang eksaited.. Huhuhuh.. Ye la.. Venue movie tu bukannya dekat.. GSC Midvalley tu.. Jemm.. Pasaipa tadak GSC Sunway Carnival... Hehehe

Date : 25 October 2010 (Monday)
Time : 9.00PM
Venue : GSC MidValley
Uwaaa.. Dapat 2 tiket free laks tu.. Aishhh.. Not my rejki yet.. Cool.. Pelan-pelan kayuh.. Pas nieh datang rejki besarrrrr punya.. Wahahah.. Kita layan review dan trailer movie Takers selepas lompat ...

The Story
Idris Elba stars as Gordon, the leader of a gang of skilled robbers who never rush jobs, always do their homework, and don't mind blowing up stuff in order to score large amounts of cash. And of course his gang's made up of colorful characters. Brothers Jesse (Chris Brown) and Jake (Michael Ealy) have differing opinions on how to handle their jailbird father. John (Paul Walker) is Gordon's closest friend and confidante, a steadying force and the voice of reason. And AJ (Hayden Christensen) is a hat-loving fashion plate whose job it is to handle all the explosives.

An ex-member of the crew, Ghost (Tip TI Harris), just got out of jail after serving a lengthy sentence for one of their robberies. He's got a hot tip about an armored car carrying millions, but the gang's leery about A) trusting him, B) whether he actually has the inside scoop, and C) pulling off a job so soon after their last bank heist and with only a week to get the layout of the land and set everything up. But despite their misgivings, they go ahead with the heist because the money's just too huge to say no to.

But when a job sounds to good to be, it is - that's just the way of the world. And when Russians, jealousy over a lost girlfriend, and two cops who put together the pieces of the puzzle at an incredibly swift pace are all working against the gang, their long streak of successful robberies may just be coming to an end.

 Takers Trailer.. Beshh..

Movie yang bagi aku mooosssti layan.. Banyak aktor-aktor yang besh dengan aksi-aksi ganas letup-letup kereta.. Hahaha.. Jommmm layanzzz minggu nieh..

3 nuKiLan penDapaT:

cik puan eLy said...

i like

curigelap said...

nak like gak laa.. tapi bukan full ot ka weeken nieh.. hehehe

cik selamah kundang said...

nuffnang slalu camtu.sebelah sana je normally.aku pun tak phm pesal dia xactive belah sini

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