Wednesday, October 20, 2010

IslaMiC FasHion SHow..???

Islam Hadhari or 1 Malaysia ??
Sambil menunggu tugas yang dah tahu nak di buat.. Melayari alam maya nieh japs.. eheh.. jap je ker.. wahaha..

Masuk satu ruangan forum nieh.. Tajuk dia pun besh.. Macam tajuk yang aku tulis di atas tu... Walaupun berita nieh dah lama.. Tapi media arus perdana tak highlight benda nieh.. or aku yang termissed tajuk nieh.. Hahaha.. Aku kalu dah baca nama sorang tu.. Kompem tak baca punya isi.. Let's layan berita yang aku amiks dari blog Ruang Bicara Pria Malaya

pesen mak² datin kat 1Malaysia.. kekeke

Tuan Penasihat.. 50%..

Berita berkaitan....


KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 10 (Bernama) -- Islamic fashion is fast becoming a lucrative business with the current market estimated to be worth more than US$96 billion (RM302 billion) a year, said Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor.

Rosmah, wife of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, said it was an enormous market that had yet to be fully tapped.

"The global Muslim population comprises one of the fastest-growing consumer markets in the world, hence representing a major growth opportunity for businesses around the globe, including in the fashion sector," she said at the opening of the Malaysian-inspired festival, the Islamic Fashion Festival (IFF) Gala Dinner and Fashion Show, at the Monaco Sporting Club in Monte Carlo Monday night. The text of her speech was released here.

The event was attended also by, among others, Prince Albert II of Monaco, Qatar Prime Minister Sheikh Hamad Bin Jassim Bin Jabr Al-Thani, Najib and Sarawak Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud.

Rosmah said that according to the prestigious Dubai French Fashion University Esmod, over half of the world’s 1.6 billion Muslim population is spending a substantial part of their annual income on fashion and accessories.

"This recent interest in Muslim fashion signals the changing dynamics of the ever-increasing interaction among Eastern and Western cultures. Nowadays, Muslim women can choose from a broad selection of designs to create a look that matches their values, traditions and tastes, without compromising any of the three," said Rosmah.

She said that thus "the fashion players would do well to plan ahead so as not to miss the proverbial boat in capturing this lucrative segment of fashion".

Rosmah said major clothing retailers had been busy highlighting how top brands like Anne Klein and Ralph Lauren were already producing fashion lines that met the Islamic requirement of full coverage.

"In the same vein, it is interesting to note that even as the great 'veil' debate raged in France, the country, being the fashion capital of the world, remains as one of the world’s major exporters for Muslim couture 'abayas' and 'niqabs'.

"Clearly, politics notwithstanding, those in the fashion business are increasingly aware of the burgeoning demand for Muslim apparel worldwide," she said.

Rosmah said she hoped that Monaco could emerge as one of the gateways to the European market for Islamic-inspired fashion from Malaysia and the rest of Asia.

On IFF, she said its main mission was to capitalise on fashion as a platform to bring together designers and fashion enthusiasts of different cultures, religious backgrounds and race to bring Islamic Couture into the mainstream of style and fashion.

Since it was started in 2006, IFF has spread its wings to Jakarta, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and New York, featuring the works of more than 200 designers, and had showcased a varied choice of styles and looks for Muslim-dressing, decidedly different from the stereotypical impressions of Islamic apparel held by many.

"The Islamic Fashion Festival is precisely intended to end the myth that a Muslim woman cannot posses a sense of style. On the contrary, Islamic dressing is a style of its own, and today it is beginning to attract more and more attention, as mainstream trends become increasingly bold, sensual and provocative which is unappealing to the more conservative consumers," she said.

In fact, in affirming the coming-of-age of Muslim fashion through the impressive collections, Islamic fashion is now considered as the breath of fresh air in a global culture, she said. - Bernama

-Style berjambul rambut.. keh keh keh.. --

5 nuKiLan penDapaT:

myatiqah said...

gmbr ats tu paling kenot go..siap ade tlisan2 arab lgi...wat derr....

curigelap said...

tulisan arab tu as a symbol of islamic .. (pereke fesyen n penganjur punya pendapat daaa)

cik selamah kundang said...

bangang roskah!(cover line)

cik selamah kundang said...

bangang roskah!(cover line)

curigelap said...

hohoh.. hg mmg .. dua kali komen.. sib baik bukan nama tiqah

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