Friday, October 1, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Life

Al - tak kisah the last episode of the tales of mom and her son on their journey of the DiGi iPhone4....

Jeng jeng jeng....

"Eh mom... I feel weird la.. I notice someone following us since last two days.."

"Really..?? Where..?? When..?"

"I'm not sure when.. Sometimes i can see them following you mom.."

"Hah.. Don't scared me like that la.. Is it a human or a ghost..?

"I thinks it's human. Dunno the bad or a good guy."

"OMG.. I need to make a police report if this thing is happened again.."

"Ya mom. Nowadays, there are lots of bad people surrounding us."

~~ 15 minutes later ... A phone rang.. ~~

"Hello.. Ya.. Sure.. Sure.. U did call me yesterday redarding the bla... bla... bla..."

"Mommm.. Mommm.. I can see him.. I really can see him standing beside u.. Hey you yellow man!!! Do stay away from my mom.. Don't you ever dare to hurt her.."

"Ehhh... Where..?? Where ...?? (while looking around her, then suddendly) .. Hahahaha"

"Why u laughing mom.."

"This is not a bad guy la my son.. He is DiGi yellow man.. The widest coverage that always with us.. He will follow us no matter where to give a best coverage they ever can to meet customer requirement.. So don't worry about him.. U need to used DiGi in order to have this yellow man.."

"Gosshhh.. I really need to get an iPhone4 using the DiGi line and i'll get FREE YELLOW MAN ... yeahhh .. Let's jom mom to the nearest DiGi branch..."

I will follow her,
♪♫ follow her wherever she may go ♪♫
♫  There isn't an ocean too deep
♫♪ A mountain so high it can keep me away ♫♪

~~ Always A Smarter Choice with This Changes Everything. Again ~~

2 nuKiLan penDapaT:

m@Ri@ said...

ceh kisahnya...
ni pakai iphone 4 la ni?wow....

Missess eLy said...

hai suami

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