Wednesday, September 29, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Real

Al-kisah III which the situation is at their home early in the morning..... (maybe ....)

♪♫♪♫♪♫ I will follow u ♪♫♪♫♪♫ ~~ The phone ringing on the other side...

"Eh helo Esah.. Good morning.. How do u do..? Where are u rite now..? Bla bla bla. "

~~ And there goes a telephone conversation between mom and auntie Esah ~~
~~ 1/2 and hour later ~~

"Haluuuu Jimi... Yaa.. Yaa... It's me.. I'm using a new phone number la.. Sure.. Sure.. Bla.. bla... Bla..."

~~ 40 minutes and 5 seconds later .. ~~

"Hi Tipah... Eh tomorrow u free or not.. Ya ya.. It's been a long time not seing u la.. Bla.. Blaa.. Blaa.."

~~ 1 hour 24 minutes and 17 seconds before mom make her next call ~~

"Err mom.. Can i interrupt u 5 minutes.. "

"Sure.. Sure.. What's wrong my son..."

"It's noon already.. U forgot to make a lunch for us la.. "

"Ehh.. really aa.. Aiseh.. I didn't notice it .. Syokk ooo make a phone conversation with iPhone4.. Summore using a DIGI plan which giving me a freedom to have a a phone call.. Hahaha.."

"Really mom..?? Can i know what are the plan that DIGI offered to us??"

"Sure la.. I'm using iDiGi88 which the monthly fee is only RM63.. But u know aa.. They will give a discount to u RM5 if we are using an auto billing.. Next month aa i'll do an auto billing... Hahaha.. "

"wahhh.. Then the RM5 u'll give it to me rite mom.. Hehehe.."

"What!! I'll save it to purchase an application at iTunes.. Ehh.. Summore u'll get a FREE 200 mins voice call, 200 SMS, 20 MMS and a 1GB of internet usage.. The best things is, the free stuff is applicable to Malaysian mobile networks.. I'm using iPhone4 la to surf the internet.. Very fast la using this gadget.. Hahaha..."

"Sounds interesting and errr.. great!! Then what about if we exceed the FREE monthly usage...?"

"No problems.. It's still within the cheapest budget that we can afford.. So after we exceed the free stuff, they will charge just only 15sen per minute for a voice call, 10 sen for SMS and 20 for MMS.. And no EXTRA charge for internet usage if we exceed it.. Just the speed is reduce to 128kBps.. Others plan u can refer DiGi webpage.."

"Hahaha.. then u maybe u just nearly exceeding the FREE usage quota.."

"U are wrong.. Just now i'm using Friends & Family cheaper calls which it's up to 6 members to be included intp this groups.. Hehehe.. Summore we can get all FREE calls, SMS and MMS to my supplementary lines up to 6 people.. U want to subscribe into the supplementary line..?? Let's go to the nearest DIGI outlet to register your name.."

"Great mom.. Thanks.. I luv u mom.. Heheh.."

"But... u can't have the fastest internet surfing because u don't have an iPhone4.... Hahahah"

"Mommmmmmmmmm..... I want an iPhone4....."

2 nuKiLan penDapaT:

+budak gem0k+ said...

hehe..nice..terer tol speaking..kagum..

curigelap said...

hohoh.. tqtq.. skipping rojak je tu.. jgn lupa last episode.. baru nak uplode..

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